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Job Announcement

Role and Responsibilities

  • Identify and analyze the main roots causing loan accounts to fall overdue and set recovery target, priority, and strategies to effectively solve those overdue loan accounts

  • Manage and control all matters related to the delinquent loan accounts and regularly and constantly execute collections from those delinquent loan accounts based on the recovery policies and procedures

  • Ensure that the appropriate actions are taken towards the objectives to fully recover the overdue amounts

  • Monitor the overdue accounts on daily basis in the allocated queues and priorities with the effective use and analysis on recovery system and reports

  • Meet with various clients in difficult situations to negotiate settlements of charged off loans and submit appropriate recovery documentation with the obtained appropriate approvals from the authorized management

  • Facilitate collection activities through effective relationship with branch staff and management, responsible provincial office, and concerned departments as well as local authorities and the regulated governmental bodies

  • Prepare regular reports on status of collections and home/business visits to the responsible overdue loan clients to related line supervisors on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis

  • Report progress on the legal process if any legal proceeding is engaged


Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in law, finance and banking, accounting, business, and or related fields;

  • At least one year experience in micro-finance; knowledge in handing MFI’s operations and credit activities;

  • Fair knowledge of English language;

  • Computer literacy; MS office, MS outlook, internet, and emails;

  • Have a good interpersonal and communication skill, team work, independent, conflict management and resolution, and result-oriented; ability to work without supervision and under pressure;


Interested candidates are invited to send a cover letter and resume (CV) to the adress Please do not send diplomas and certificate. These will be requested later if necessary. Only shortlisted candidated will be contacted for the interview.

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