Improving your house improved quality of Life

Home Improvement Loan is specifically designed for customer who needs capital for upgrading his / her existing home / small or medium building. Loan size and term are up to USD 15,000 or equivalent Khmer Riel and 60 months.

Key Benefits

    • 1

      Improve quality of life

    • 2

      Make the living space more spacious and fresh air

  • 3

    All family members are happy and increase family intimacy


Currency USD and KHR
Loan Amount USD 500 ~ USD 15,000
Repayment Method Annuity, Decline
Interest Rate Negotiation
Loan Term Up to 60 months
Collateral Land / Building (Hard of Soft Title)


    • 1

      Be a majority (age 18-60 years old)

    • 2

      Have a valid National ID Card

  • 3

    Have a permanent address in Cambodia

  • 4

    Currently employed or self-employed

* Other terms and conditions will be applied

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